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First Impressions

Since moving to New York City in November, my aim has been to become more immersed in what has been deemed the capital of art. It's literally impossible not to pass by a gallery, storefront or abandoned wall with some sort of creative element which captures your attention...or at least makes you do a double take. Whether it's walking down the congested streets of Time Square or taking a stroll on the Highline in Chelsea, you can't help but feel a part of something bigger than yourself. In the back of my mind, I always knew I would move to New York and making that move was just the next step in pursuing a future in art.

Let me start out first by explaining the meaning behind "Impressions". Not only do I use this technique with various elements to create my paintings, but my goal is to leave an impression with the viewer. Whether the piece gives off positive or negative feelings, it creates an experience that no other artwork can replicate. Secondly, this city leaves an impression on virtually everybody and while my growth as an artist continues, I believe it is an important aspect of a creative process to be aware of how something is influencing you. So far, I've tried to soak up as much sight-seeing (which for me is going to as many galleries/museums and walking around random areas) to try and get a sense of the role art is presently taking. Not only do I try to dedicate more time in front of a work, but have become increasingly aware of other viewers in the space. There's something about being in a metropolis, surrounded by what seems like a million people all around that makes you acutely aware of their actions or reactions to different situations. Whether it was near a famous Picasso at the Museum of Modern Art or at the Chris Ofili show at the New Museum, I couldn't help but be drawn to how these giant canvases or pieces of marble resonated to other individuals. When I walk around and see something, getting just two inches away from a piece, questions begin to plague my mind. Is that person an artist trying to garner some inspiration for a work of their own? Does the viewer like the piece or is she/he questioning how it can be considered a work of art? Are they resonating with the creator's sentiment or point of view?

I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was slowly taking in all the sculptures from the Greek and Roman Art section, when I happened to notice someone drawing sketches of a statue. You could tell how focused he was by the amount of details he captured, studying the ancients like the Great Masters of the past. Seeing that artist sit there (for what was probably a few hours) reminded me of the importance art continues to instill in other people and the dedication needed to create it.

With that being said, this article and future writings are meant to promote paintings, sculptures, installations, visual media, performance pieces, etc. that channel the realm of what art can accomplish or perceptions it can give. I encourage a dialogue between people of all backgrounds, including those not familiar with artistic practices. I'll be writing in the blog about gallery shows, street art I come across, artists, museum exhibitions, reviews, art in media, etc. and will also post an ongoing list of museums and galleries I visit. If you recommend anything, send them my way and I'll make it a pint to check it out!

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